How much does decorative concrete cost?

One of the best ways to get an estimate on concrete is to request a concrete quote

Although this is a loaded question (and I might get some nasty feedback), I'll give it a try based on my 10 years of concrete experience working in both the U.S. and Canada. I have done many different finishes, from epoxy and self-leveling concrete, to stamped overlays and stenciling.

Consumer beware: There is always a low-ball bidder, and usually a high-ball bidder, so I'll try to give you the ranges:


Size - Larger jobs will lower the price per square foot. Usually 1,000ft +
Scope of work - Basic application or detailed work, patterns, inlays etc.
Preparation - How your surface is prepped will affect price.
Time frame - Overnight or overtime work = more money.
Products used - Inexpensive hardware store brand vs. professional grade.
Experience-level of the installer - The more qualified installers tend to charge more for their knowledge, which is well worth it!


A big factor in the cost of decorative concrete finishes (mainly floors) is the condition of the concrete and the necessary repairs, leveling and preparation to get a good bond. This is where it is important to be educated on the difference in bids and what exactly your installation contractor is going to do!

In order to ensure a long lasting surface, it is critical to get proper surface prep done. Many low-ball companies will skimp on the surface prep and initially save you $1or $2 dollars per square foot, but may end up costing you thousands to repair or redo a failing floor.

Surface preparation may include: sanding, grinding, acid etching, cleaning, shot blasting, scarifying or other technique, but either way the surface must be clean and free from all contaminates that could act as a bond breaker. Surface preparation can easily add $1 or $2 per square foot, but is the best money you'll ever spend.

Flooring Pricing Table

$3.00 - 7.00/sq ftAcid StainingAverage price for a new concrete slab with remedial cleaning required and basic pattern with a standard residential grade sealer is about $3 - $5/sq ft
$4.50 - $10.00/sq ftHand Troweled OverlayThe cost to resurface a concrete slab can vary quite a bit. Basic grey cement color over fairly good condition concrete could be as low as $2.25 per square foot, whereas intricate patterns, multicolor and borders can run you in the price range of $4.00 - $10.00 per square foot.

The repair work required prior to resurfacing is the biggest variable, and the other is the level of decorative input required by the installer.

$7.00 - 10.00/sq ftStamped OverlayResurfacing concrete, stamp overlays, imprinted overlays, patterned cement topping, etc. are types of cement resurfacing systems designed to add a new surface to an existing concrete or wood substrate with some type of stamped or imprinted pattern usually resembling rock, stone or brick. These systems are some of the most difficult to install, yet can yield absolutely beautiful results. Starting costs for stamped concrete overlays are usually in the $7 - $10.00/sq ft range but have been known to climb to the $15 - $20 per square foot cost in the casinos of Las Vegas and high-end homes.
Most systems will run about $7 - $10 on average.

Stamped concrete products and systems can be expensive and require a very talented individual to assemble. The key to a good stamp overlay is having an artisan who can create the realistic look of stone or brick using concrete.

$4.00 - 5.00/sq ftGrinding and PolishingAlso known as honed, polished, diamond polished, ground, etc. uses progressively finer industrial grade diamonds to grind and polish concrete. The look is contemporary, clean and smooth. Colors can be added, as well.

Prices can range from $4 - $12 for pure polished concrete.
Average price for an old concrete slab with remedial repairs will average around $4.00 - 5.00/sq ft
Diamond blades or pads and the polishing equipment costs are very high and are easily consumed. Polishing done in homes with many walls and small spaces will cost more, whereas large open spaces like industrial floors or food and grocery stores bring the cost down quite a bit.

$3.00 - 5.00/linear ft & upCrack repairCrack Repair is hard to estimate without inspection. Cracks vary in size as well as the type of material needed for repair. Urethane and Epoxies are the top choices. Whether the crack needs to be allowed to move and flex or is to overlayed all have to be considered.

Many times we charge by the hour plus materials since the width and depth of the crack contribute to the amount of material to be used.

We have not found and adequate over the counter crack repair system that lasts. Cracks must be cleaned, Chased (by V groove grinding) then opened by diamond bladed grinding. Sometimes the crack needs to be stitched (small rebar added across the crack ever few inches) then epoxied in order to permanently stabilize. These later methods are necessary if an Overlay is to be installed.

On driveway cracks we often times need to add control joints in their proper place after repairing cracks in order to pride a place for the concrete to move.

(All concrete moves as the substrate moves daily. Heat, Cold and weather in general cause the ground to move.)



So you're in the market for new countertops? But you don't want the typical corian or marble that seem so average and ordinary.

Concrete is a real option for countertops. It has the strength of stone and the customization of wood or putty-

Concrete Countertops can range from
$50 to $150.00 per square foot.

Average Concrete Countertop prices is $65 - 85.00/sq.ft.

Faux Finish Pricing Table

(pricing based on either primed or already flat or satin finish latex painted walls & finish can be added with no prep. Please contact me for a quote on more work needed)

$5.00/sq ftBasicRagging on, ragging off, sponging, bagging
$8.00/sq ftAverageMultiple color with additional glazes
$15.00/sq ftDifficultDragging, combing, stone or brick fauxing and more complex colorwashing
$20.00/sq ftMore difficultMarbleizing, crackling, custom pattern and 2 layer Venetian plaster
$25.00 & upMost difficultComplicated marbleizing, Multi-layered Venetian plaster