Beautiful details in your home set you and your style apart. Old world craftsmanship and unique materials are key to helping you to achieve the style you desire.Custom Inlays, Beautifully crafted edges. Recesses, cavities, complimented back-splashes are all possible with concrete.But it doesn't stop there. Archways, Crown and Base Moldings, Tub Decks and walls can all be artistically designed and implemented into new and existing construction.

Tub Deck, Walls, Stairs, Tiles and Floor are all Artistically Manipulated Concrete.

Concrete Countertop, Concrete Flooring, Concrete Walls and Concrete Pool Coping.

Seashells and Starfish added to Concrete are revealed on the smooth surface once completed.

Details designed to mimic that of Marble and Natural Rock.

Integrated Sinks in a Variety of shapes can be created.

Molded Drainboard with Brass Rods.

Old World Styling, Intricate Detailing is achieved with no other medium except concrete.

Large Cantilever with Rope Edge and Matching Back-splash.

Elk and Deer Edge Casting.

White Marble? No! Concrete of course.CT

White Marble? No! Concrete of course.CT


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